The dream is to have it all. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? Live this life, that life, this life, you know? You only live one time - I want to get it all in. 

Something the car-loving legend Paul Walker said. You can already guess it's Illyrian who's talking right now. And we also go by that quote. This server might be small and still at it's process to grow, but it surely holds on a good and cheerful community where you'll be able to experience a lot of fun and share those moments.

Created: July 19th, 2019


The head and mind of the Rich Maniacs presented to you and for you:




Armend, the guy who originally owned a server named Eyez with over 15k members before, wanted to start new. He came up with the idea of creating the RICH MANIACS.




Illyrian is the head CEO and Admin of our Server. She managed it from the beginning on and built the Community by investing a lot of her time and money for this.